E-ticket coupon status

Password tab — amadeus1. Please use the P icon to update it for each passenger. The information includes.

Full name. Date of Birth. This means that you need to add the DOCS Secured flights information: name, date of birth and gender. Please use the P icon to add the necessary information. This happens when there is either no synchronize or airline does not see the reservation inn their system. You can either try and rebook the flights or add an SSR which will try to open the channels with the ariline system. If this does not help please contact support team to request a synchronize. This also may happen in reissue when ticket is validated on an airline that is no longer part of the future itinerary.

In such case you book a flight on that airline not include it on the TST issue ticket and cancel it. This means that there is no E beside a flight on the requested to ticket itinerary. You need to make another availability check and see if the E is there, if so cancel and rebook the flight. Also double clicking on the flight number will give you the Flifo of the flight where you can find out if flight is E ticket candidate.

Amadeus Tip: How to revalidate an e-ticket

There is no match between the amount in the Form of payment field FP and the ticket total. Please check the fegures correct and try to issue again. During reissue wrong original ticket attached to the new TST. Please correct ticket number in the FO line. TST update is needed. There is no match between the price and FV. Remove the FV line and price itinerary again. Pricing again will re-enter correct FV element. This happens when original booking was created and names where entered as one long string.

In this case it is not possible to add PTC or anything else in the name field. You either need to reufund ticket at issuing office or you can try to correct the tax DATA on the refund application. First you must have the tax breakdown. Once taxes are written down you go back to refund application and do TRFT to display the tax panel.

You must remove the tax with code XT. This informs that there is no option to update a name field after ticket is issued. If infant ticket needs to be issued. You need to create a new reservation for adult and infant issue the infant ticket and cancel the new PNR. Trying to add SSR for an airline that is not part of the itinerary. This error usually shows up when there is more than 1 passenger in a PNR with reissue. Display and print ticket must be done for each passenger separately.

This error returns when a status of one or more of coupons in original ticket is not showing as F flown even if flight is in the past. Such reissues are not possible. Coupons must be reissued in chronological order. Lists of possible status:.

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This message returns when the FO line with original ticket number does not match the passenger name. This error appears when an agent is request to block ticketing without validation. A travel agency that works with several SFM profiles may get this error. This happens at pricing time when a current PSR expired.

In such error message please contact Sigal Shor or Noga at the helpdesk for update. In such cases you need to contact Sigal Shor or Noga at the helpdesk for update.

How to process a refund in graphic mode

English Hebrew. Contact us at the helpdesk or wait awhile. This happens when you try to book a hotel without giving credit card guarantee. Refund needs to be done not a VOID. Void can only be done on the date of ticket issue. The correct form of payment should be CASH. This line needs to be cancelled.

Where can I find the Galileo Formats Guide for Document Production?

This happens of some airlines that still do not allow e-ticketing for infants. Paper tickets need to be printed. All you can do is wait and try to do same entry later. You have to wait and try to do the entry later on.


You have to add the active future segments to the entry. This message may appear when you try to issue and e-ticket.

Display e-Ticket Record

System does not like something in the PNR. We suggest to try: 1. Check if thereare codeshare flights by clicking on flight number click on the flight number 2. The 1st carrier is always the ticketing carrier FVxx 3. Try to issue again. If not please contact our help desk. Old data needs to be removed and new data needs to be created. Compere that tax code to the codes which you or system added.

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XT is an invalid tax code it is tax total and needs to be broken down. Remove the XT tax code and total and break it to individual taxes Tax codes can only be 2 letters see if all codes are only 2 letters. To add taxes Click in the "currency" field system will automatically add USD Add the amount in the next box Add the tax code in the next box No need to add anything in the type. Close PNR issue ticket again. This is not allowed a new PNR must be created in Amadeus. There is no link to the format that you are entering. Nothing can be done but wait and report it to the Help desk.

Electronic Ticket Record (TWD) display - Amadeus Service Hub

Reservation is booked however airline may send a reject within 24 hours. Check the PNR. The is no PNR number on the right side beside all the flights you are ticketing. If you use a GDS auto-repricing tool to issue a refund of only tax amounts, that refund should enter IAR with the correct tax-only amounts. If you do not use a GDS auto-repricing tool or are entering the refund directly into IAR, you will need to manually modify the values of the refund transaction by removing the base fare and any non-refundable taxes and adjusting the Refund Total to the correct amount. NOTE: Most airlines do not allow any portion of a non-refundable ticket to be refunded, including taxes, so before proceeding with a tax-only refund it is recommended that you first obtain permission from the airline.

I made an error and entered a refund as a full ET refund instead of as a partial ET refund. Can I change it to a partial refund in IAR? The status of Refund is considered a final status and cannot be changed for many airlines. When you mark the ET coupons as refunded, the passenger will not be able to fly on that ticket and you will not be able to use those coupons in another refund or exchange. However, some airlines do support cancel refund the void of a refund requests, so for those airlines you can void a refund as long as that void occurs the same day that the refund was created.

For a refund manually entered into IAR today, the cancel refund must take place today.

Such a change could negatively impact your client and subject your agency to a debit memo. I created a refund under the wrong branch of my agency. Can it be moved to the correct IAR sales report? All airlines allow any branch or location under an agency family entity to refund or exchange any ticket originally sold by any location within that entity.

IAR supports this type of cross branch refund. Once an ET is refunded, it is documented in the airline's database. Moving a refund in this way could negatively impact that refund or could subject your agency to a debit memo. You are currently logged in as. Log In.