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Thanks so much again and have a nice day!! Hang Tra YES you are right!

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The one thing is, it depends on the store how many coupons that are exactly the same they allow per transaction. You have it right. Good luck! Thanks so much for replying me thoughtfully. However i was wondering how to use coupons to get free items rather than items just at a discount. I think saving is great either way, I was just wondering when people say they donate free items how to get those with coupons. Jamie- Yes, Please just read this article and the other linked articles to get a good handle on how to begin. Comment if you have specific questions.

Best wishes! Anita, thank you so much for this site. I have tried to do the coupon thing before and got so over whelmed that I stopped. But looking over the top 11 things it shows me that I can do this without having to worry about trying to be like the TLC show. Come on talk about rude in my book. Yes the TLC show really made couponing seem so time consuming and ridiculous. Anita, the end of June, my husband and I will be moving to New York as his military career begins.

I would like to begin couponing once we get there to try to start saving money. Is there a good place to start since I am unsure of what stores will be available to me?

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Any words of wisdom would be truly appreciated. Syndi- I would wait until you move. Also, packing and transporting a stock supply may be too much work. Good luck moving in one month. Keep in mind that learning to coupon at first does take some time. Best of luck! Yet I have spent countless hours clipping and organizing so many coupons! Crazy right?! Every couple of months I get back into it and swear I will learn how to do it right, but after much frustration and many newspapers later , I give up and only occasionally use coupons for the items I buy regularly.

I currently have a stack of coupons about 4 inches in thickness compressed! I have all of the supplies I need. A 3 ring binder with card inserts. Two accordion files small like you have. And a handy little zipper purse with a calculator, highlighter, pencils, post-it sticky note things, paperclips, and everything else you could possibly need in the case of a coupon emergency! As you can see I am in desperate need of organization. Or maybe motivation? I think my next step is to somehow file these coupons in the binder, but I have no idea how to do that!

Please help!! Jessica- thanks for the comment. Great job on your determination. I truly think you will be able to be more efficient if you do not clip before hand. I wish you the best! I try to stack sales, store coupons, manufacturer coupons, and savings apps like Cartwheel for the most savings!

I have a question for you. Have you ever gotten a virus from printing coupons online? Twice my computer crashed after going on coupon sites. Thanks so much! No not in all my years of couponing. Do you have an antivirus software installed like Avast? I do and its never warned me about the coupon drivers. I usually only print from reputable sites mentioned above though. Hi Anita, Thanks for all your tips! Or is there a way around this that you know of?

You can often find them very inexpensively at garage sells, online classifieds and esp. Great way to support our troops and get more use out of those coupons!

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I am new to couponing. Will be using the tips listed here to get started and save some money while shopping!

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Also when you get free items that you will not use or multiples of the same product you can make care packages for the troops. You said you use an accordion binder to file coupons.

I can see this working for the Sunday inserts, but how would this work with internet printables? When I print coupons from the internet, some coupons that print on same page are for different expiration dates. How often can I print internet coupons. Once i have reached my limit how long do i have to wait until i can print more? The coupon will reset based on the manufacturer.

But I would suggest you include about Yaarlo. I get all my Groupon and other coupons through Yaarlo because it has the double advantage.

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When do you know when stores are on sale? And how to do you know the cost of the product, because it differs from store to stroe. There are a lot of websites that state where and when the deals are. My friend who also coupons shared this funny shirt with me. When I started my son on regular milk I still had extra formula left over and I found this website that will buy your UNOPENED cans of formula, whether you got them through wic or assistance or just outright bought them yourself.

Soo much of this content is great! I look forward to reading your other tips! Wow, cool tip.

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Printing coupons on 2 computers are actually something obvious that I have not done! Pro tip: use coupon codes from site like dealmecoupon to save on your orders. Its a great pleasure reading your post. That is the reason couponing has become such a big business to so many people. Spending time each week cutting and printing the […]. I am able to give more because I find very inexpensive ways of getting nice used items […].

You can buy yourself something amazing with all the money you will end up saving by the end of the […]. Get this important information and improve your couponing skills by getting the tips listed at the link below.